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Things to Do in Dubai

April 10, 2022


Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates famous for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and vibrant nightlife. Visit the Burj Khalifa, an 830m tower, enjoy Dubai Fountain, an incredible water show, or relax at one of the many resorts, including Atlantis, The Palm, which has both marine and water parks. Read on for a list of things to do in Dubai. Also read up on how to save money while visiting the city.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city

One of the most striking aspects of Dubai is the diversity of its residents. Whether foreign or native, they come from all walks of life and represent the full gamut of the city’s multicultural make-up. This diversity helps the city’s residents and tourists find common ground. However, some visitors are wary of Dubai’s tourist industry, which is brimming with big business. In this piece, Molz addresses the question of cosmopolitanism in the UAE, and compares its “fake” cosmopolitanism with Dubai’s earlier, pre-oil cosmopolitanism.

As one might guess, the term cosmopolitan has a variety of definitions. It can refer to a place where different races, religions, and socioeconomic status co-exist peacefully. Some scholars limit the term to cities with strong racial and ethnic interactions. Others claim that the definition is more inclusive of places where migrations are prevalent. And in some cases, such diversity can also be reflected in the city’s architecture, design, and culture.

While many cite the diversity of its residents as one of its main attractions, the fact that Dubai never was an industrial city is another. It jumped directly from a port city to a global service hub, and now it is a thriving global city. It has a strong sense of tolerance and tolerant attitudes, and it was recently named the “Year of Tolerance.” For this reason, Dubai has become a cosmopolitan city that is open to all people and welcomes visitors from all walks of life.

It is a trading hub

Historically, Dubai has been a hub of commerce, both domestically and internationally. It is located inside the Gulf after the Straights of Hormuz and thus offers a safe harbor. Because of its location, Dubai is well protected from the Indian Ocean, which poses a threat to shipping. Today, Dubai is a trading, air travel, and financial center. The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a separate legal system, based on English law.

As an ancient pearl-diving town, Dubai initially made its income from pearl diving. Eventually, it became a hub for trade between India and Iran, and gained notoriety as a result of its exports from the east. It was also known for being an important smuggling town, with various traders bringing gold to the country for trading purposes. The city’s skyscrapers have made it a global hub, and it is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Starting a business in the UAE has many advantages for international investors. Dubai’s commercial law facilitates free trade between residents and foreign investors. Additionally, Dubai’s customs regime permits traders to trade in cash, including goods purchased on credit and sold through other traders. Furthermore, there are no personal requirements for obtaining a trade license. In short, it’s easy to start a successful business in Dubai. You can be one of the many companies that take advantage of this advantageous trade environment.

It is a nature-oriented city

The sustainable city project in Dubai has five different levels and features a variety of species, from animals to plants. The temperature inside is finely tuned to resemble a tropical rainforest. Visitors can tour different ecosystems and see exotic birds. A trip to the Sustainable City is about a half-hour drive from Dubai. It’s not all about nature, though. A new housing project is being built, dubbed the Sustainable City, which recycles waste and water. And, in addition to being green, Dubai has a giant solar power plant being constructed.

In the south, Hatta Sheikhdom is an outdoor activity haven surrounded by rugged mountains. You can go mountain biking, hiking, camping, and even kayaking through the lake. Nearby, the Mangrove National Park offers a great view of the Gulf Coast. This protected area has abundant birdlife and is the best place to observe the fall migration. The city has several national parks, but there are dozens of different wildlife species, so you can expect to spot some exotic birds.

The European Commission has recently released a report on how cities can benefit from nature-based solutions. It recommends that cities and city regions should recognize the importance of green spaces and network them for their economic and social benefits. There is no reason to regard green spaces as an extravagance. Indeed, the challenges presented by climate change and rapidly changing demographics mean that incorporating green spaces into urban planning is a necessity.

It is expensive

If you want to take your next vacation to Dubai but are worried about the cost, think again. The prices in Dubai are comparable to those in other major cities in the world, including London and New York. While you can spend a little more on tours, restaurants, and accommodation, the price of food and attractions in Dubai are still very affordable. A $100 USD per day budget will get you a long way in Dubai. Here’s how to get the most out of your money:

One of the best times to visit Dubai is in the spring and fall, as temperatures are lower in the summer. You can also stay at a luxury hotel or resort during the winter months. During the summer months, however, temperatures can be quite high and many people don’t visit Dubai. However, if you don’t mind extreme heat, the temperatures are still very pleasant during these months, and you can indulge in indoor activities during the day and go out in the evening for sightseeing.

It has a metro system

There are numerous ways to get around in Dubai, including the metro system. While Dubai has a metro system, it is limited to a north-south line and doesn’t connect to many sites of interest. If you’re planning to visit other parts of the UAE, renting a car may be a better option. In addition to using the metro, you can also take a taxi, which will be cheaper and more convenient.

If you’re staying in a hotel, most hotels offer free parking. If you’re driving to an attraction or mall, most will also offer free parking. Many metro stations have parking for visitors, and most are close to attractions and malls. You can find parking for as little as a Dhs15, which is a reasonable amount of money. Then, you can pay a bit extra to get to your destination.

It has beaches

If you want a vacation that’s fun for the whole family, Dubai has beaches to suit all tastes. Kite Beach, for instance, has many activities for families that include kite surfing and water sports. It is also known for its food trucks and a 14-kilometre running track. Besides sand and surf, Dubai’s beaches have a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife and beach clubs. At Azure Beach, you can choose from Nikki Beach and WHITE Beach, and there are even luxury beach clubs in the cities, including Mercato Mall.

The beaches of Dubai are bustling with activity all year round. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach or an unforgettable night at a beach club, the city’s beaches offer the perfect environment for a great holiday. Visitors can enjoy the sand, sun, and waves while enjoying a meal, drink, or water sports. Dubai is known as a luxury travel destination, and its beaches will certainly meet your needs.

For a relaxing afternoon, visit the beautiful beaches in Dubai. From sand dunes to sandy shorelines, you can enjoy the sun, the surf, or any other type of water activity. Whether you’re interested in surfing, water skiing, or volleyball, you’ll find the perfect spot for a family vacation in the emirate. While there, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit – there’s no shortage of places to go in Dubai.

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